Perfect Stuff 7'2 egg white gloss

Perfect Stuff 7'2 egg white gloss

Perfect stuff surfboard, egg model white gloss version
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7'2 - Epx bamboo
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Perfect Stuff 7'2 egg White gloss version


Technology and strength extraordinary


This process bring an extraordinary strength, a weight very reasonable, perfect buoyancy and a perfect stiffness for the medium level


a modern shape, versatile, easy for small riders ( less than 80 kg) and for standard riders ( 75 to 95 kilos) it will bring to the ultimate performance.

Extremely fast in small waves, it will the board will react properly with the set of fins, and its also very versatile with a thin tail.

Easy in small conditions, stay consistent in solid waves

7'2" x 20"7/8 x 2"3/4
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